These 10 States Grow the Nation’s Organic Food

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Source: vermontalm / Getty Images

3. New York
> Number of organic farms: 1,059
> Organic crop value: $215.86 million
> Crop products value: $52.48 million
> Livestock/poultry value: $163.37 million

The state’s top organic food crops include lettuce, tomatoes and squash. The value of organic field crops grown in New York is just over $22 million.

Source: Ron_Thomas / Getty Images

2. Wisconsin
> Number of organic farms: 1,276
> Organic crop value: $255.45 million
> Crop products value: $58.23 million
> Livestock/poultry: $197.22 million

Wisconsin’s top organic crops include sweet corn, onions and squash. The state’s field crops contribute about $25 million to its total organic crop production. The state also had the country’s second-largest dairy herd of nearly 28,000 cows.

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1. California
> Number of organic farms: 2,713
> Organic crop value: $2.89 billion
> Crop products value: $2.13 billion
> Livestock/poultry value: $759.87 million

California’s top crop products include berries and other fruits, lettuce and tomatoes. The state is the nation’s largest producer of field crops and also the largest organic dairy and beef herds.