Special Report

Most Corrupt Countries in the World

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20. Cambodia
> Corruption index score (0-100): 20
> Population: 16.0 million
> Region: Asia Pacific

The governing party of Cambodia dissolved the main opposition party in 2017 and banned it for five years. The country is also knocked down for human trafficking. The State Department said the Cambodian government has not fully complied with the “minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking” but is endeavoring to do so.

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19. Democratic Republic of the Congo
> Corruption index score (0-100): 20
> Population: 81.3 million
> Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

December 2018 elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were the country’s first electoral transfer of power in 59 years. Human trafficking is also common in the country, although the majority of trafficking is internal and perpetrated by groups outside the government’s control.

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18. Haiti
> Corruption index score (0-100): 20
> Population: 11.0 million
> Region: Americas

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Demonstrations erupted in Haiti last fall as the scope of government corruption widened. One of the issues involves the misuse of at least $3 billion in funds over the past decade that were sourced through a discounted oil program operated by the PetroCaribe energy cooperative. Transparency International ranks Haiti as the second-most corrupt nation in the Western Hemisphere behind Venezuela.

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17. Turkmenistan
> Corruption index score (0-100): 20
> Population: 5.8 million
> Region: Eastern Europe & Central Asia

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has held office since 2007. He won re-election in 2012 and 2017 with more than 97% of votes cast. The nation he leads suffers from rampant corruption in virtually every sector of the economy. Bribery is common in securing procurement contracts, and the nation’s public administration rests on patronage connections.

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16. Angola
> Corruption index score (0-100): 19
> Population: 29.8 million
> Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Angola is a member of OPEC and is said to hold proven reserves of some 9 billion barrels of oil and 11 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Angola’s Transparency International score improved by four points this year following efforts by President Joao Lourenco to fight corruption.