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Best Chocolate Shop in Every State

Colman Andrews

Source: Courtesy of Caitlin M. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Chocolata
> Location: Birmingham
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.9

Open since 2017, Chocolatá uses 100% single-origin, ethically sourced chocolate from Latin America. The shop offers an array of gift boxes (for Valentine’s Day, for instance), as well as hand-crafted chocolate bars and “chocolate charcuterie” — “salami” made with chocolate, pralines, biscotti, and other non-pork ingredients.

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Source: Courtesy of Jason B. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Sweet Chalet
> Location: Anchorage
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.4

Taiwanese-born chocolatier Ingrid Shim’s specialties at this five-year-old Anchorage shop are chocolate domes the diameter of silver dollars, filled with unusual flavor combinations like raspberry rose and caramelized pear with saffron and hand-painted with colorful tops inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

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Source: Courtesy of Tracy P. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Cerreta Fine Chocolates
> Location: Glendale
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.6

This fourth-generation family-owned business sells an array of nuts, brittles, toffees, and barks, as well as chocolate bars, fudge, and other chocolate specialties. Their Arizona Western box features chocolates shaped like cowboy boots, saddles, cacti, and other Old West icons.

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Source: Courtesy of Natalie H. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Kyya Chocolate
> Location: Springdale
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.8

This “bean to bar” chocolate shop sources much of its chocolate from Uganda. The company’s specialties include a small collection of bars named for states (Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma) and several Arkansas cities.

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Source: Courtesy of John Kelly Chocolates via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: John Kelly Chocolates
> Location: Los Angeles
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.7

John Kelly started out as a wholesale chocolate factory in Hollywood, spawning first a Hollywood boutique and later a second location in Santa Monica. The brand is popular with Hollywood celebrities. There is no John Kelly, however: The company is run by business partners John Kelson and Kelly Green.

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