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Best Chocolate Shop in Every State

Source: Courtesy of N8 S. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Manoa Chocolate Hawaii
> Location: Kailua
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.7

Hawaii is the only state in the country whose climate allows it to grow cacao commercially, and Manoa uses as much of the locally grown product as possible for its bean-to-bar specialties. Hawaiian sea salt and coffee are also incorporated into some products.

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Source: Courtesy of Yulia N. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: The Chocolat Bar
> Location: Boise
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.7

New owners Jason and Trish Stack, who bought this 15-year-old confectionery last year, produce handcrafted truffles, clusters, turtles, barks, dipped fruits, and other chocolate confections, as well as chocolate hearts and hand-painted high-heel shoes for Valentine’s Day.

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Source: Courtesy of Victoria K. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Katherine Anne Confections
> Location: Chicago
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.8

Drinking chocolate, hand-dipped truffles, honey caramels, and marshmallows are among the specialties here. The shop uses cream from a herd of 500 central Illinois Jersey cows, and substitutes local wildflower honey for corn syrup in its recipes. It produce a total of 175 flavors of candy every year, including limited-edition seasonal offerings.

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Source: Courtesy of Sara B. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: The Best Chocolate In Town
> Location: Indianapolis
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.6

Founded in 1998, this shop in Indianapolis’s downtown Cultural Arts District turns out a selection of chocolate bars, hand-dipped decorated truffles, and other confections. They also specialize in an assortment of truffle pies — like dense chocolate mousse, variously flavored, in a graham cracker or Oreo crust.

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Source: Courtesy of Jeremy H. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Chocolate Manor
> Location: Davenport
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.8

Since 2001, this eastern Iowa chocolate shop has won praise for their peanut butter cups, creme brulee truffles, and hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows and real whipped cream, among other specialties.

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