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America's 12 Wealthiest Presidents

Source: National Archives / Newsmakers / Getty Images

12. John Tyler
> Term: 1841-1845 (10th president)
> Source of fortune: Inherited
> Peak net worth (inflation adjusted) $57.7 million

John Tyler was one of many presidents who received a large amount of land from relatives that set him up for future financial success. Tyler inherited a thriving tobacco plantation from his parents in Virginia. His first wife, Letitia, was also wealthy. She died while he was in office, leaving him with an even greater fortune.

Source: Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

11. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
> Term: 1933-1945 (32nd president)
> Source of fortune: Inherited
> Peak net worth (inflation adjusted) $66.8 million

Coming from the wealthy and powerful Roosevelt family, Franklin Delano Roosevelt always had a financial safety net. In fact, he needed financial help from his mother in 1919, just nine years before he was elected Governor of New York. Since he spent almost his entire adult life in public service, FDR never aimed to increase his fortune and died in office after being elected president for a fourth time.

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10. William Jefferson Clinton
> Term: 1993- 2001 (42nd president)
> Source of fortune: Books, speeches
> Peak net worth (inflation adjusted) $75.9 million

Since leaving office, Bill Clinton has made millions from his 2005 book “My Life.” Much of his wealth, however, actually comes from his wife, Hillary. The former secretary of state reportedly received a $14 million advance for her 2014 memoir “Hard Choices,” and she made millions from a number of paid speeches. Because the two are married, their net worths are combined.

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9. Herbert Clark Hoover
> Term: 1929-1933 (31st president)
> Source of fortune: Mining
> Peak net worth (inflation adjusted) $83.0 million

Herbert Hoover was orphaned as a child, but overcame his struggles to become very successful. After graduating from Stanford and before entering politics, Hoover worked as a mining engineer. He went on to own several Burmese silver mines and write a mining engineering textbook, all of which combined to make him quite wealthy.

Source: Central Press / Getty Images

8. Lyndon Baines Johnson
> Term: 1963-1969 (36th president)
> Source of fortune: Broadcasting
> Peak net worth (inflation adjusted) $109.3 million

Lyndon Baines Johnson owned a number of assets, including livestock and 1,500 acres of land in Texas. However, the main source of income for Johnson and his wife Lady Bird came from their Texas TV and radio station business. Though the radio station KTBC was technically in Lady Bird’s name, LBJ reportedly used his considerable influence as a member of Congress to make the acquisition go smoothly and make the station a success. The Johnsons later expanded their portfolio to include other TV and radio stations in Texas.