Special Report

The Most Powerful Women in the World

What defines power? Is it money or the ability to effect change? Or perhaps it is a combination of the two. The world’s most powerful women certainly possess some or all of these traits. Many have overcome significant challenges and hurdles, becoming the first females to hold leadership positions in their industry.

24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of the most powerful women based on their achievements and their notoriety. Divided into political and philanthropic leaders, financial and business leaders, and media and entertainment leaders, these women are publicly considered power players, showing their influence through their leadership and ability to affect the public.

These are women who also often appear on rankings of influential people in different industries. They have changed power structures and led the way for other women, thus creating a lasting impact.

The women on this list are leading and building multi-million and billion dollar businesses. They are also making decisions that will affect generations. These are difficult achievements in areas, such as politics and technology, where top jobs have historically been held by men. Some of the women on the list are using their money, position, and fame to empower other women or help the poor and underprivileged around the world.

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