Special Report

Countries Currently Led by a Woman

The United States came close in 2016 to having a female leader for the first time. And though the field of candidates in the current Democratic primaries included several women, nearly all ended their campaign — also ending any hopes of another woman making a serious bid for the White House.

While the U.S. may eventually elect a female president, many countries have already beaten America to that milestone in the modern era. 24/7 Tempo reviewed countries with female leaders — some elected to their post, and others approved by parliament.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now famous for heading the country’s first gender-equal cabinet. Gender equality, however, especially when it comes to political empowerment, won’t be a reality for at least another century, according to the World Economic Forum. (But some nations are doing more than others to get there faster – these are the 15 countries that have come closest to true gender equality.)

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