Special Report

The Most Threatened Animals in Every State

Source: Adam Mann, Environmental Solutions and Innovations / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

16. Kansas
> Most threatened animal(s): Gray Bat (myotis grisescens), Neosho Mucket (lampsilis rafinesqueana)

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Source: Dick Biggins / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

17. Kentucky
> Most threatened animal(s): Relict Darter (etheostoma chienense), Kentucky Cave Shrimp (palaemonias ganteri)

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Source: Andrew Cannizzaro / Flickr & U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region

18. Louisiana
> Most threatened animal(s): Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle (lepidochelys kempii), Red-Cockaded Woodpecker (picoides borealis)

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Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region / Flickr & MPF / Wikimedia Commons

19. Maine
> Most threatened animal(s): Atlantic Salmon (salmo salar), Roseate Tern (sterna dougallii dougallii)

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Source: Irina Sereg / National Park Service & Courtesy of Maryland Department of Natural Resources

20. Maryland
> Most threatened animal(s): Hay’s Spring Amphipod (stygobromus hayi), Maryland Darter (etheostoma sellare)

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