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10 Most Kid-Friendly Airports in the US

Ah, going away with the kids…The actual travel experience is probably the most stressful part of vacationing with the youngest members of the family.

Before the fun begins, parents have a few obstacles to tackle: hauling around extra luggage, keeping the children in line before the security check, not losing anyone while trying to stay organized, and staving off boredom — arguably the biggest evil of them all.

Entertaining the kids while the grown-ups deal with the logistics is sometimes the only way to stay sane. This is where electronic devices with previously downloaded shows, movies, and games come in handy — because all hell will break loose if the airport Wi-Fi is unreliable.

Some airports have recognized these modern travel challenges, which now often also include extra waiting time because of additional security, and have adapted. Indoor playgrounds, art exhibits, and even scavenger hunts are increasingly common at several major airports in the country. Some of them even have skeletons of dinosaurs, which kids often find fascinating. These options, in combination with family lounges, relieve a significant amount of stress when flying with children.  

To identify the most kid-friendly airports in the United States, 24/7 Tempo reviewed a study by UpgradedPoints, an online platform that offers travelers strategies to maximize rewards. The ranking is based on how many children-oriented activities are offered at each of the 50 busiest airports in the country. More weight was given to airports with multiple play areas.

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