Special Report

Best Run Airports in the World

Hristina Byrnes

When there is an option, some travelers might opt for a less convenient airport — such as one that is perhaps farther away — if they know they’d spend less time in the airport itself. Others might prefer an airport with plenty of cool amenities to enhance the whole experience.

High-tech facilities, shops, friendly staff, entertainment options, and quick security lines all are part of what makes an airport among the best. Skytrax, an airline and airport review site, ranked the top airports of the year based on votes from passengers from more than 100 countries. Not surprisingly, none of these airports are in countries where the U.S. government doesn’t want you to go.

Singapore Changi Airport wins the top honors for an unprecedented seventh year in a row. In addition to its efficiency in handling millions of passengers every day, the airport is known for its rooftop swimming pool, two movie theaters that are open at all times, and shopping venues.

Airports in Asia — especially Japan — dominate the rankings. Six of the top 10 are in the region, three of them in Japan. The best airport in Europe, and the seventh best in the world, is in Munich, Germany, and is the secondary hub of Lufthansa Airlines.

No airport in the United States made the list —  the accolade for the best airport in North America goes to Vancouver International Airport in British Columbia, Canada. The nicest and most efficient airport staff on the continent, however, is in the country — at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

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To identify the best run airports in the world, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the 2019 World Airport Awards from Skytrax, an airline and airport review site. The prestigious awards are presented every year to airlines and airports and are considered a global benchmark for excellence of the airport industry. The best airports are voted for by passengers from more than 100 countries during the 2018-2019 World Airport Survey. As many as 550 airports were included in the survey.