Special Report

Every Car Brand's Most Expensive Model


24/7 Wall St. reviewed base prices of current-year models to determine the highest-priced vehicles for every major car brand available in the United States. Most of the prices listed here come from the auto brand’s website. For Rolls Royce and Bentley, we used the prices published by Car & Driver magazine. All prices listed do not include optional add-ons or features.

It should be noted that while optional add-ons were not included in the prices listed, some models on this list are more expensive versions of models offered by the brand, but we only considered specific named versions of these models, for example, we included the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, a higher-end version of the Corvette.

Unless otherwise noted, the vehicles on this list are for the 2019 model year. We used the U.S. Department of Energy’s estimated combined (city/highway) database for fuel economy. For the eight plug-in electric and fully electric vehicles on the list we cited the available miles per gallon equivalent, or MPGe, standard.