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The 35 Best Fried Chicken Places in America

Source: Vanessa M. via Yelp

Angry Chickz
> Location: Los Angeles, California
> Rating: 4.5

Nashville hot chicken comes to Hollywood at this colorfully decorated little place, purveying fried chicken sliders and tenders. Six degrees of spice are offered, from “Country — no heat” to “X-hot — call 911” and “Angry — sign a waiver.”

Source: Michael Barera / Wikimedia Commons

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House
> Location: Roanoke, Texas
> Rating: 4.5

This, the original location of this ten-unit Texas chain, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area city of Roanoke, gets high marks for its classic fried chicken (and also chicken-fried steak). An added attraction at Babe’s is the selection of homemade pies.

Source: Basilisk via Facebook

> Location: Portland, Oregon
> Rating: 4.5

The small menu at this Portland favorite includes a “very very spicy” hot chicken plate, a fried chicken sandwich, and a fried chicken salad — any of which can be accompanied by Dan Dan Fries, described as a “large bowl of fries covered in Szechuan peanut sauce, chili oil, baby dill pickles, crushed peanuts, green onion, cilantro, and lime.”

Source: The Bird via Facebook

The Bird
> Location: San Francisco, California
> Rating: 4

The Bird describes itself as “the ultimate fried chicken sandwich shop,” serving “indulgent food that’s made with integrity and sold for just 8 bucks.” They use free-range fowl, coated with berbere (the traditional Ethiopian spice blend); the buns are fresh-baked locally every morning; and the sandwich includes crunchy house-made apple slaw. Hot wings are also served after 3 p.m. daily, and fried chicken may be added to the house salad.

Source: Birdies via Facebook

> Location: Los Angeles, California
> Rating: 4

Everybody’s heard of chicken and waffles, but chicken and doughnuts might sound a little strange. The combination apparently first appeared at Federal Donuts in Philadelphia in 2011, and now a number of places around the country combine the two under one roof. The two are served separately, however. This is not to be confused with the new doughnut chicken sandwich being tested by KFC. At Birdies, the free-range fried chicken sandwich — regular or spicy — comes with slaw, buttermilk ranch mayo, Tillamook cheddar, and pickles. The doughnuts, including flavors like lemon thyme pistachio and candied bacon maple, are for dessert.