Special Report

100 Most Talked About Scandals of the Decade

Source: Tom Pennington / Getty Images

21. Suh stomping fit
> Year: 2011

Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was suspended after stomping on Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith during a game on Thanksgiving Day.

22. Braun tests positive for steroids
> Year: 2011

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and National League most valuable player Ryan Braun tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

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23. University of Miami scandal
> Year: 2011

The University of Miami football program was brought to its knees by a wide-ranging scandal that included prostitutes provided to players, a booster who paid for an abortion, and players paid to hurt opponents.

24. Elmo puppeteer in sex scandal
> Year: 2012

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash was caught in a sex scandal that involved an underaged teen. Clash eventually resigned.

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25. Hulk Hogan sex tape
> Year: 2012

A sex tape that featured former wrestler Hulk Hogan was made public.

26. Petraeus resigns after affair
> Year: 2012

CIA Director and general David Petraeus resigned after his affair with biographer Paula Broadwell was revealed.

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27. Secret Service agents caught with prostitutes
> Year: 2012

Nine Secret Service agents were forced to resign or leave their jobs after they were caught with prostitutes in their hotel rooms while they were working at the U.S. Embassy in Colombia.

Source: George Frey / Getty Images

28. Boy Scouts covered up sex abuse for decades
> Year: 2012

The Boy Scouts of America kept a file of the names of 7,819 scout leaders who allegedly preyed on boys. An attorney representing the victims said the files went back to 1944 and also included the names of 12,254 victims.

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29. Travolta accused of sex battery
> Year: 2012

Actor John Travolta was accused of sexual assault by three male masseuses. All three eventually dropped their cases.

Source: WPA Pool / Getty Images

30. Prince Harry photographed in nude
> Year: 2012

Ginger-haired royal Prince Harry was photographed nude in Las Vegas after playing a game of strip billiards.