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100 Most Talked About Scandals of the Decade

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41. Actresses’ nude images hacked
> Year: 2014

Actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton were among the celebrities whose nude photographs were hacked.

42. NBA owner racist comments
> Year: 2014

Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught making racist comments, prompting an investigation by the NBA. Sterling eventually sold the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

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43. Sony hack
> Year: 2014

A cyber invasion roiled Sony Pictures, which was subsequently forced to use fax machines, communicate via posted messages, and pay employees with paper checks.

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44. VW emissions scandal
> Year: 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency revealed that Volkswagen, then considered a model of automotive integrity, programmed engines to alter readouts on emissions results.

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45. FIFA corruption revealed
> Year: 2015

A wide-ranging scandal involving FIFA, international soccer’s ruling body, began when the Department of Justice indicted 14 high-ranking soccer officials on racketeering and corruption charges that eventually engulfed organization head Sepp Blatter, who announced his resignation.

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46. Shkreli stock fraud
> Year: 2015

CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Martin Shkreli was pilloried for jacking up the price of a drug used by HIV patients by 5,000% to $750 a pill. He would eventually be arrested for securities fraud involving his activities at another company.

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47. Patriots caught deflating footballs
> Year: 2015

The New England Patriots were caught reducing the air pressure in footballs to gain an advantage in a scandal called “Deflategate” that led to the suspension of quarterback Tom Brady for four games.

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48. Sex party scandal at Louisville
> Year: 2015

A bombshell tell-all in October 2015 revealed that a graduate assistant at the University of Louisville helped arrange sex parties for the school’s men’s basketball team.

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49. Cowboys sign alleged woman assaulter
> Year: 2015

Dallas Cowboys courted controversy by signing alleged woman assaulter Greg Hardy.

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50. Ariana Grande licks donut
> Year: 2015

Pop star Ariana Grande was seen on a video licking donuts displayed in a California shop and ranting about how she hates America. She later apologized for what she called a display of bad behavior.