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The Most Intriguing Concept Cars That Never Saw the Light Of Day

The only limit to the design of automobiles is the imagination of those conceiving them. And concept cars are the perfect vehicle — pun intended — to showcase new design features, technology, or possible future. Some of these prototypes never even made it past the scale model stage.

Since the early 20th century, car designers have taken into account such considerations as speed, safety, cost, style, and comfort. They’ve also been influenced by the space age, environmental concerns, and the needs of those living in cities.

Many of their ideas — such as automatic windows, rearview cameras, and climate control — were conceived off ahead of their time. Other ideas, like use of nuclear fusion or fission were impractical. Still others were rather odd. Here are some of history’s strangest car designs.

24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of the most intriguing concept cars. We chose vehicles designed with features that either would become standard in cars that would be eventually produced; or introduced new styling; pushed the limits of speed; or challenged the conventions of the day. None of these prototypes ever made it to the production stage.

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