Special Report

Cities With the Highest Number of COVID-19 Cases

The U.S. continues to lead all other countries in confirmed cases of COVID-19 with about 1.7 million — more than four times the number of any other country. U.S. coronavirus cases have largely been concentrated in large cities and their surrounding regions, with the majority in just nine major metro areas.

Using COVID-19 data from state and local health departments, along with population data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed confirmed COVID-19 cases in nearly 400 U.S. metro areas to identify the 50 cities with the most confirmed cases, adjusted for the population. 

While many of the metro areas with the most COVID-19 cases per capita are in hard-hit states like New York and New Jersey, a number of cities in the Midwest are also on this list, despite being in states that do not have an especially higher number of cases per capita. Notably, Sioux City, which lies in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, became the first metro area with more than 3,000 confirmed cases per 100,000 people. For reference, hard-hit New York City has 2,364 cases per 100,000. 

Though the U.S. has by far the most confirmed cases of any country, that figure is likely well below the actual number of infections. A report from the CDC found that 88,400 more Americans than expected died from March 1 through May 9, 2020, a total that exceeded the number of deaths attributed to the reported COVID-19 death toll during that period by thousands. This is how COVID-10 is being underreported in most states.

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