Special Report

The Fastest Selling Cars in America Right Now

The microchip shortage has hindered production of many new cars, causing supplies to dwindle. As a result, drivers are paying higher prices for new vehicles. Drivers, says iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer, “have embraced the reality that inventory shortages are here to stay for the next several months”. As prices have gone up, the number of days it takes to sell a car has gone down. 

The U.S. automarket has faced a wild swing over the last 20 months. The average new car sold in March through June of 2020 sat on dealers lots for over three months. In September 2021, the average new car sold in 24.6 days —  and there were 20 new cars that sold in less than 12 days.

To determine the fastest selling cars, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed iSeeCars’ list of The Hottest New and Used Cars in September. New vehicles are ranked on their average days to sell for September 2021.

Toyota vehicles account for half of the fastest-selling new cars in America. The manufacturer’s SUVs and hybrid versions of long-running/well-known models like Corolla, Rav4, and Highlander are in high demand, but Toyota had to cut global production by 40% in September due to the chip shortage, leading to quick sales times. These are the best selling cars in America.

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