Special Report

The Best Target Deals in December

Black Friday has already come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the deals are over. Christmas is rapidly approaching and with it comes the time for buying all sorts of presents for loved ones (and ourselves). 

The ongoing pandemic continues to affect global supply chains and has led to shortages and expensive prices on many goods. However, not all prices are going through the roof, and there are still plenty of great gift options available. It might take a little flexibility from you (and the recipient), but following the deals can make the holiday much more affordable.

To determine the best deals at Target in December, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed sales on Target’s website to find electronics, appliances, and toys that were discounted by more than 20% as of Dec. 6.

The goods on this list fall into all sorts of categories, including electronics, kitchen appliances, action figures, and other toys. Target’s business model is all about having decent stuff at reasonable prices, and the massive retailer is known for stocking just about anything one would need. The store is expecting many sales going into Christmas, and for those looking for a job, Target also makes our list of retailers hiring the most people for the holidays.

Target has managed to persist while other, similar stores have not been so lucky. For many traditional shopping malls and some other retail stores the pandemic was the final nail in the coffin of an already ailing form of business. Target has had to adapt to the rise of Amazon and other online retailers by offering services like free shipping and more expedited delivery times. 

Just because these massive retailers have come to dominate the market, however, doesn’t mean Americans are necessarily satisfied with their options. Both Amazon and Target make our list of retailers Americans are most likely to regret buying from.

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