Special Report

The Cities With the Best Weather

Everyone has different weather preferences. Some like a warm summer breeze, others thrive in the hot summer, while others yet enjoy the crisp air of fall. But nearly everyone can agree that days in blistering triple-digits or in below freezing temperatures are not ideal.

While most Americans have to contend with either a sweltering summer or a brutally cold winter, there are a handful of major metro areas where residents enjoy warm and pleasant weather with clear skies most days.

To determine the cities with the best weather, 24/7 Wall St. used data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to create an index based on minimum, maximum, and average temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind, humidity, and more.

The 25 cities with the best weather are concentrated in just five states — Florida, California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Texas. These states all have significant coastlines. The ocean releases heat relatively slowly compared to land, so coastal areas tend to stay warmer in the summer. 

This pleasant weather can be a huge driving factor influencing people to move — whether it is retirees spending their golden years in the sun or younger working adults who want to avoid snow. These are the cities Americans are flocking to.

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