What Apple's Stock Split Looks Like Now, 52-Weeks and All-Time

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is now finally trading ex-split. This will create some havoc on some quote systems that do not adjust all the data simultaneously. The split will change the price, the 52-week range, the consensus price target and more. The $645.57 closing price on Friday really converts to $92.22 on Monday.

The prior 52-week range was $388.87 to $651.26. The old high was $705 back in 2012, and the consensus price target was $642.17 prior to the split. These all have to be divided by seven now, and many quote systems will not reflect all the data immediately.

The new 52-week range after the split is much different: $55.55 to $93.03, and the old high will be reflected as $100.74. The new consensus price target, which will fluctuate daily, is was $91.73 after the split.

Apple’s prior dividend of $13.16 per year (or $3.29 per quarter) will now be reflected as $1.88 per year or $0.47 per quarter.

The old average daily trading volume of 9.9 million shares will now be counted as roughly 69.3 million shares per day. Whether that goes up or down depends on how many more traders will look at Apple now that its share price is not so high.

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The old number of shares outstanding was roughly 900 million prior to the share buybacks. We have not adjusted for that number yet because we have not seen a live number in Apple’s filings. That would now be 6.3 billion shares outstanding, again not counting the effect of share buybacks.