Trillion-dollar Apple: Cramer’s 10 reasons it matters (video)

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“Does Apple’s epic valuation really matter? Actually, yes. You bet it does.” —Jim Cramer


Cramer’s 10 reasons, from Thursday’s Mad Money:

  1. The stock is relatively inexpensive
  2. Service revenue is steady and growing
  3. Apple’s customers are super loyal
  4. More potential customers
  5. Ongoing buybacks
  6. Management cares more about product than stock
  7. Triumph over skepticism
  8. Law of large numbers was wrong
  9. A trillion ain’t what it used to be
  10. More companies are going to join the club

Cramer: 10 reasons why Apple hitting $1 trillion matters for the stock market from CNBC.

My take: Video worth watching. Jim (“Own Apple, don’t trade Apple”) Cramer has earned the right to crow.