Neil Cybart’s grand unified theory of Apple, now with glasses

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From Connecting the Apple Dots, posted on Above Avalon Wednesday:


When we look back at the late 2010s for Apple, we will likely refer to this as the early stages of the Apple Watch and Apple Glasses era. Apple’s multi-decade quest to make technology more personal is based on using intuitiveness to knock down the barriers that exist between humans and technology. One way of accomplishing this is push the boundaries found with today’s most personal products. The faster Apple runs with iPhone and Apple Watch, the closer the company will get to announcing its most personal product yet: glasses.

Below: The big idea, in one chart.

cybart theory glasses

My take: No analyst I track is more certain about these glasses than Cybart. If you don’t subscribe to his daily newsletter ($), this (free) Above Avalon article is a good to way to catch up. Read it here.