Loving and hating Tim Cook’s Fortune Q&A (video)

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A mild interview elicits some strong reactions:

Neil Cybart, Above Avalon: Tim Cook at His BestThis was a strong interview by Cook. I will go so far as to say it’s Tim Cook at his best. While product was discussed a little bit (Screen Time on iOS 12 and Apple News), the crux of the interview was focused on the changing face of leadership and corporate governance, areas in which Cook has shined.

Jack Purcher, Patently Apple: Apple’s CEO Bent on using Apple as his Personal Weaponized Political Machine. When I want a great hamburger, I personally go to Fatburger. Thank god their napkins don’t preach that Jesus Loves Me or that Black Lives Matter or else I’d simply find another burger joint. I go to Fatburger for the food, not for their core beliefs or bloody politics.

Cue the video: 30 minutes with Adam (“Inside Apple“) Lashinsky.

My take: For once I agree with Purcher: Less preaching, more CEOing.