DigiTimes peddles Apple fear uncertainty and doubt

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Sources say the funniest things.


From New iPhone sales momentum likely to slow down in late 2018, say sources, posted Wednesday by DigiTimes’ Monica Chen and Steve Shen: (emphases mine)

Demand for Apple’s iPhone XS series is likely to slow down later in 2018 after the initial fanfares for the new gadgets fade away, due largely to the high pricing set for the new devices, particularly for the iPhone XS Max, according to sources from Taiwan’s handset set supply chain.

One of the major indicators was that the first wave of the sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max was not as enthusiastic as that of the previous iPhone 6 generation, as consumers have apparently shunned away the iPhone XS Max for its extremely higher price and also the iPhone XS for a lack of specification upgrades, said the sources.

If the sales momentum for the iPhone XS and XS Max does slow down as expected or global sales of the two new devices are lower than expected, Apple may reduce significantly its orders to supply chain makers at the same way as it did for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, commented the sources

Additionally, it remains to be seen whether demand for the new Phones, particularly the iPhone XR which support dual-SIM, will jump up in China given the trade war between the US and China could continue escalating, the sources lamented.

My take: Reads like a single source hit job. For one thing, unnamed sources rarely lament in unison. Rookie stuff.