Strategy Analytics: iPhone China sales fell 22% in 2018

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“Apple is in danger of pricing the iPhone out of China.” — S.A. director Linda Sui


From “China Smartphone Shipments Fell 11 Percent in Q4 2018,” quoting Sui:

Apple overtook Xiaomi and nudged up to fourth position with 10 percent smartphone marketshare in China in Q4 2018. However, iPhone shipments dropped 22 percent annually and this was the firm’s worst performance since early 2017. Apple iPhone has now fallen on a year-over-year basis in China for 8 of the past 12 quarters. Apple has been under pressure in China for the past three years. Ongoing patent battles with Qualcomm are a distraction, while Apple is being heavily criticized for its expensive retail prices. Apple is in danger of pricing the iPhone out of China.

Cue the spreadsheet:

iphone china strategy analytics

My take: The Chinese smartphone market is in recession and Huawei is the clear winner.