Apple analysts: March quarter iPhone revenues expected to fall off a cliff

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A pair of analyst surveys both predict a double digit drop in fiscal Q2 worldwide sales.


Visible Alpha: The consensus among the nine Wall Street analysts who have submitted estimates to Visible Alpha is that sales of iPhones in the March quarter (Apple’s fiscal Q2 2019) will come in at $32.93 billion, down 13.4% from the same quarter last year.

Apple 3.0: The estimates from the 15 analysts I’ve heard from so far—9 professionals and 6 independents—range from $28 billion to $38 billion. Average: $32.84 billion, down 13.7% year over year.

That feels like a consensus.

Below: The estimates of the 15 analysts that I have on record, pros in blue, indies in green. (Corrections appreciated.)Click to enlarge. 

We won’t find out who was closest to the mark before Apple reports its March quarter results, which last year didn’t arrive before May. By then some of these estimates may have changed.