Strategy Analytics: Apple Watch still rules the wrist

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But Samsung and Fitbit are rapidly gaining share in a smartwatch market that grew 54% last year.


From Apple Watch Captures Half of 18 Million Global Smartwatch Shipments in Q4 2018

Apple shipped 9.2 million smartwatches worldwide in Q4 2018, rising 18 percent from 7.8 million units in Q4 2017. Apple’s global smartwatch marketshare slipped to 51 percent this quarter, down from 67 percent a year ago. Apple Watch is losing marketshare to Samsung and Fitbit, whose rival smartwatch portfolios and retail presence have improved significantly in the past year…

Samsung has a good pipeline of new models for 2019, such as the innovative Galaxy Watch Active with blood-pressure tracking, and Samsung should perform well this year…

Fitbit captured 13 percent global smartwatch marketshare in Q4 2018, tripling from 4 percent in Q4 2017. Fitbit is becoming established as a top-tier smartwatch brand.

Cue the spreadsheet:

strategy analytics apple watch

My take: Classic. Apple creates a category’s form, trailed by fast followers.