Samsung's Galaxy Fold is falling apart in reviewers hands (video)

Bulging hinges. Cracked screens. Displays flashing on and off.


From CNBC’s Todd Haselton: Samsung’s $2,000 folding phone is breaking for some users after two days:

Samsung’s $1,980 Galaxy Fold phone is breaking for some users after a day or two of use. A review unit given to CNBC by Samsung is also completely unusable after just two days of use.

The phone has only been given to gadget reviewers, but some of the screens appear to be disconnecting and permanently flashing on or off.

The Verge’s Dieter Bohn posted earlier on Wednesday that his phone appears to have a defective hinge with a “small bulge” that he can feel that’s causing the screen to “slightly distort.” Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says his “review unit is completely broken just two days in,” but noted he accidentally removed a protective film on the screen.

Samsung started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold last weekend.

Cue the video:

My take: OMG. Imagine if this had been an Apple device!