Apple Fights The Telephone Company

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AT&T (T) was supposed to get a big benefit from selling the Apple (AAPL) iPhone. But, AAPL may have turned that on its head.

With iPhones and iPods that have WiFi access, customers are surfing the web without using their data minutes on cellular networks. And, with browsers being added to AAPL handhelds, the possibility of adding VoIP functions for free internet calling are becoming a reality.

As Fortune points out: "The Wi-Fi capabilities built into the touch – and other devices such as Nokia’s N95 and Samsung’s T409 – in the long run could end up bypassing wireless phone networks altogether."

If much of this comes to pass, the iPhone will have been the ultimate Trojan Horse for the cellular industry. And, it may rue the day it got into bed with Apple.

Douglas A. McIntyre