Apple iPhone Price Will Be Handicap In Europe

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In the wireless markets in Europe, they give the phones away. Even the super-nice ones like the Nokia (NOK) N 95. And, the really souped up handsets work on 3G networks.

Analysts watching for the launch of the Apple (AAPL) iPhone in Europe next week believe that the release of the product could be fairly good news for almost everyone in the market. The iPhone’s high end features should get consumers to look at competing devices that most carriers give away as part of callling plans.

According to Reuters: " Analysts said Apple is likely to benefit from its strong brand and dedicated followers when starting European sales, but a limited offering and signing deals with just one telecom operator per country would put a lid on its sales hopes." The carriers without the iPhone will be helped by the market being stimulated by such a popular multimedia handset.

The iPhone–a rising ship lifts all tides?

Douglas A. McIntyre