Nokia Ramps Up Mobile Ad Business

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Nokia (NOK) has started its own music store to compete with Apple (AAPL) iTunes, so why not have its own online advertising operation? Early today NOK bought U.S.cellphone screen advertising firm Enpocket.

Nokia has obviously made the decision that controlling the hardware portion of the handset business is not enough. It wants to provide advertising, software, and content.

Barron’s did a cover story this week on the huge potential of Nokia, and much of that has to be building beyond its traditional business where its global market share is approaching 40%.

Enpocket already has clients including Pepsi and MasterCard.

The move does put Nokia on a collision course with portals like Google (GOOG) and Yahoo! (YHOO) who would like to expand their marketing precense to handheld devices. But, why should they have all the fun.

Douglas A. McIntyre