Will 3G & TV Drive iPhone Demand Even More? (AAPL)

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The rumors of launch dates for the new Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) version of the 3G iPhone are still rampant.  Some target mid-June and some comment on early-June.  Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is June 9 to June 13. 

Now if they’d just keep these in stock.  I have called several stores close by and they are either out of stock entirely or they have only the 8GB iPhone.  Even then, one store said it is only available for existing customers of AT&T Wireless.  That will keep people from being able to buy and then unlock them for another carrier. 

This low stock has been fueling more and more rumors and stories about the release date of the new 3G iPhone.  If Apple wants to see all the hot iPhone sales go into this quarter, it better get these new iPhones out or it better hurry up and get a bunch of new ones in stock to where they can sell the phones.  Otherwise it may have to tell shareholders iSorry.  We gave the scenario earlier for a $200.00 Apple stock.

Late yesterday a company called Orb announced it could now allow you to watch live TV on your iPhones for free, provided you have a TV card or adapter for your computer.  Maybe Apple can make people watch TV on the little screens, but that’s been a tough ride for everyone else. 

Apple shares are down 1% at $83.10 shortly before the close today, after seeing price north of $185.00 on and off this week.

Jon C. Ogg
May 9, 2008