Verizon (VZ) Gets It Own Apple (AAPL) iPhone

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It must vex the Verizon (VZ) management that AT&T (T) has the nifty Apple (AAPL) iPhone and all the publicity and surging handset sales that go with it. AT&T even benefits when people who cannot afford the smartphone stop into its shops and leave with something cheaper.

Now, Verizon will try to get its revenge with a new super-phone from RIM (RIMM), the Blackberry Storm. The name is so dynamic that it is hard to believe something which can be put into a pocket could be that perfect and powerful.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Verizon will spend money like water to support its new handset. "Verizon Wireless is expected to spend more than $100 million on the ad push," the paper said.

The Storm may have hit the horizon much too late. The iPhone is remarkably popular and has had relatively few glitches which would drive buyers to another brand. In many ways, the iPhone is the perfect device. Who does not want a phone from the perfect company run by Steve Jobs, the perfect CEO?

Overcoming myth and legend may be beyond the marketing and financial prowess of even a company as large and well-heeled as Verizon.

There is an excellent chance that Verizon will rue the day that it did not pay the Apple the extortion money to get the iPhone. In a market when smartphone sales may be pulled down by the recession, having the second best product will not be nearly enough.

Douglas A. McIntyre