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UFO Information May Be Released by US

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What UFOs (unidentified flying objects) actually are has been debated for decades. In some parts of the United States, there have been hundreds of sightings. One challenge for the general public is that the U.S. government has refused to release a large portion of its information regarding whether it has proof of UFOs. Finally, it appears the government is prepared to open its files because of pressure from the Senate. (The U.S. government is involved in 15 secret wars right now.)

According to Reuters, “The Senate in the coming days is expected to consider a bipartisan measure that would compel the U.S. government to publicly release records relating to possible UFO sightings after decades of stonewalling.”

In September 2021, the military said it did not have evidence that naval aviators had never spotted UFOs, although they had identified objects they could not explain. However, The New York Times defined the conclusions as “ambiguous.” The report was frustrating for people convinced that hundreds of UFO sightings were real.

The new initiative led by Senator Chuck Schumer seeks to release information on “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” as the federal government calls them. Schumer argues that the public has the right to know everything the federal government does.

In 2021, 24/7 Wall St. posted an article titled “These Are the Cities With the Most UFO Sightings.” According to the introduction, “There were 6,281 reported sightings in 2019 and 7,267 in 2020.” The city with the most sightings was Sedona, Arizona, with 1,608 sightings per 100,000 people.

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