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iPhone 7 Jet Black Available Nationwide

Consumers believed that the waiting line, either in stores or online, for the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 7 jet black version would be long and the phone hard to come by. Even Apple said so. On its website, the phone is not available for three to five weeks.

Macrumors has figured out that people can get the jet black version now, if they know where to go, which is not to every Apple Store. That place is website iStockNow, which has a map feature to show where to get each version of the iPhone. Getting a jet black version appears fairly easy, in some areas, and while they last.

Macrumors has more advice:

iStockNow uses Google Maps to visualize the real-time status of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus availability at Apple Stores in the United States and other countries, likely based on Apple’s reservation system backend. Nevertheless, placing an online reservation or calling your local store ahead of time is highly recommended.

Apple Stores with Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus availability will display a green marker upon setting search filters for that model. Clicking on an individual marker opens a window with an expanded model-by-model breakdown of availability, and the time that stock was last updated at that location.

Alternatively, people could just wait their turn and not be disappointed.