iPhone XR pre-orders sold out Monday

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But you can queue up on Friday, if that’s your thing.


From the Boy Genius Report (BGR):

Apple started taking iPhone XR preorders on Friday, and the T-Mobile 128GB yellow version sold out in a few minutes, with shipping estimate falling to 1-2 weeks. In the hours and days that followed, other iPhone XR versions sold out, but buyers were still able to purchase an iPhone XR with an October 26th delivery date over the weekend.

However, with just days to go until Apple’s most anticipated new phone of the year launches in stores, the iPhone XR is now sold out.

In-store pickup isn’t available either in the US, MacRumors reported late on Monday, and your best bet on scoring an iPhone XR on launch day is going to an Apple Store near you and hope there’s enough stock of your desired iPhone XR version.

iphone xr sold out

My take: Four days is a long time in this game, and I don’t expect long lines on Friday. But I think the XR, at $749, is going to look like a sweet deal on the store floor. This one is less pre-order, more point-of-sale.