Tesla Relents, Says Supercharging Will Be Free to All Current Vehicles

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Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has rescinded a policy it established last November that limited free battery recharging at its Supercharger stations to 400 kWh annually for vehicles ordered after January 1, 2017. Well, sort of.

Tesla has now updated the incentives in its purchase incentive program that allows current owners to give up to five new buyers free, unlimited Supercharging and, according to a report at Electrek citing a statement from Tesla, “all existing Tesla owners who purchase a new Model S or Model X will receive free, unlimited Supercharging too.”

That’s not all. The company essentially rescinded the policy it initiated in November. Again, from Electrek:

Update: we clarified with Tesla and all Tesla owners who ordered before 1/15/17 have access to free supercharging for the life of their vehicle, while all Tesla owners from then to now (who were on the paid program) have now access to free supercharging for the ownership of their vehicle.

I made a new post to clarify all the different current models of Supercharger access: Understanding Tesla’s new Supercharger access for Model S and Model X.

Because the November policy applied only to orders received after January 1 for cars delivered by April 1, the change should benefit at least 10,000 new Tesla owners.

The less-good news for potential Tesla buyers is that they need to secure a referral from a current owner who has just five referrals to hand out. Just sayin’.