Tesla Motors

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Closing price June 21, 2021
A Chinese auto parts maker said that Tesla has a five-year lead on all other electric vehicle makers and Volkswagen launched its ID.4 AWD EV in the U.S.
New research from the Department of Energy reports on the total cost of ownership among different types of vehicles using different powertrains.
Tesla's Model 3 was one of the world's 20-best-selling vehicles of any kind last year.
Tesla has officially launched its Model S Plaid and first deliveries of the car have started.
Tesla has raised the price of its top-of-the-line Model S Plaid by $10,000 before the vehicle's introduction later Thursday.
Lordstown Motors, a startup maker of an all-electric pickup, has amended an SEC filing to include language related to its continuation as a viable company.
Ford has introduced a compact Maverick hybrid pickup that sells for under $20,000 and is planned to get 40 mpg in city driving.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Sunday that the company will not build its Model S Plaid+.
Ford reported encouraging news on sales of electric vehicles s so far this year, and Tesla is facing some sales problems in China.
Tesla's new Model S is due out next week, and the Plaid high-performance version of the vehicle reportedly set a new record for the quarter-mile.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk may be hot water with the SEC again, and electric pickup maker Rivian is considering underwriters for an IPO later this year.
There are now about 12 million EVs on global roads and highways and the rate of adoption is expected to increase by a third this year.
The price of a Tesla will rise due to major supply chain price pressure, according to founder Elon Musk. This when competition in the electric vehicle segment seemingly increases by the day.
Consumer Reports removed its Top Pick rating for Tesla's Model 3 sedan after the automaker announced that new versions of its Autopilot feature would no longer use cameras. The magazine may have...
Tesla is considering paying in advance for guaranteed delivery of the semiconductors it needs and is toying with the idea of building its own chip fab.