Tesla Sold Over 40,000 Cars In China Last Year

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As car manufacturers struggle with the downturn in China’s car sales, and some large car makers posted double-digit declines last year, Tesla’s sales have surged and rose to over 40,000 last year.

According to InsideEVs:

In 2019, the total number of Tesla registrations increased by 161% year-over-year, from 16,360 to 42,715.

Now that Tesla has plans to ramp up deliveries from its own factory, that number could rise much faster since demand already appears to be strong.

Tesla’s increase comes at a time when the world’s largest car market is struggling. With 20 million sales last year, it is still much larger than the U.S. which has hit about 17 million sales five years in a row.

China’s car sales dropped 7.8% last year to 20.7 million. Companies that include GM and Ford had sales declines which were greater.