Why I’ll Drive My Gas Guzzling Truck Until It Dies

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You’ve been feeling the cost of gas prices if you drive a truck. The cost of maintaining a car seems to double all the time. Even so, there’s never been a better time to drive a truck, and for the long haul. There are several reasons why owning and driving a truck forever is a good idea. They allow you to create memorable experiences with friends, family, and loved ones. Trucks are symbolic of hard work and determination based on the reputation those who drive them have. You can use a truck for a multitude of reasons, which means they’re incredibly practical. If you have a family that you care about protecting, trucks are the best way to do that on the road. Trucks are also reliable and widely praised for their long-lasting lifespans. I recently sold my truck and have regretted it ever since. 

Trucks Create Memorable Experiences

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Driving on the road is one thing. Driving off the road on a beaten path is a whole different set of emotions. Having a truck allows you to do things like off-road to places where memories are made. There are tons of lakes, camp sights, and places to just look up at the stars that require a bigger car. Once you get to these places, you can hike, pitch a tent, swim, have s’mores, really anything you want. The best part is watching your loved ones enjoy the same experience. With all of the things you have access to indoors, trucks are a great way to get to the great outdoors. 

Symbolic of Hard Work And Determination

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Regardless of where you’re at, if you see someone with a truck, you assume they worked hard to get it. This is thanks to what we have seen through different media. Trucks are always out on farms and shown being used from sun up to sun down. When you know people look at you through a lens of respect, your confidence rises. That feeling is something nobody wants ever to let go of, no matter how many times you’ve felt it. 

Trucks Are Practical For Multiple Things

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Truck drivers know how many uses they have. You can always load and unload whatever it is you want. Hitching the boat or RV to the back of your truck is also very easy. If you ever get rid of your truck, you’re going to have to probably get rid of whatever is you tow behind it. It’s nice to feel useful and valued by friends and family, even if it is just whenever they move or need to tow something. Plus, odds are they’ll fill your truck up with gas after driving it for the day. Trucks make the small tasks in life just a little easier, taking away tons of stress. 

They’re Safe And Durable

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Protecting yourself and your loved ones while driving is at the top of everyone’s list. There are too many scary instances of crazy drivers these days. If you’re inside the truck, you’re going to be safe. Since trucks are bigger than most cars, it takes a lot more to harm it, and those inside. You also won’t be in trouble if you run over a curb on accident. These situations can cost thousands of dollars in damages to smaller cars, but not trucks. You’ll never have to worry about if a truck will be able to make it during a storm of any kind. There’s something to be said for having peace of mind whenever and wherever you drive. 

Trucks Are Reliable And Last A Long Time

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The average truck lasts for 10 years or 100,000 miles without needing a ton of work along the way. You’ll never have to fear that your truck will randomly start breaking down. Companies know how often trucks are used for work. The manufacturers that build trucks are hopeful their clientele will always have positive things to say to others who may be interested in purchasing one. For this reason, it behooves companies to build reliable trucks that are known to be dependable.  All cars are built to be reliable, but trucks maintain that reputation beyond other vehicles. The only negative to driving a truck is filling it with gas. 

The Second You Get Rid of It, You’ll Regret It

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Even though you might think you can replicate the confidence and feeling you have driving your truck in any car, you’ll realize you can’t the second it’s off your hands. Tim McGraw even made the song “Truck Yeah” talking about how great his truck is and how much he loves it. Cars are known to be people’s non-human babies. Trucks are even higher on the list because of how many memories you’ve made with them. You know you wouldn’t be where you are today without it, so it’s worth holding on to until the end.

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