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Discover the 10 Most Iconic Car Brands Logos in the World

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You’re bound to see plenty of different car brands and logos whenever you drive around. Most of them you see daily and don’t think anything of. But there are always a few that cause you to turn your head and see what model of car it is that just passed you. This is thanks to the logo on the front of the car. Logos do a lot more to us psychologically than we realize. Our brain can even release dopamine whenever we see the logo of a brand we love and crave. The design is paramount to help stick out in our brains.

When car companies first release their logo, it can say a lot about the company they’re striving to become. It’s also important to have a quality product behind it. If you don’t, then your logo will be associated with a lackluster product. The last thing you want is for people to think of your company as a company that’s less than compared to others. Once you have a quality logo, it’s time to create a product people will remember forever. These ten car logos are the most recognizable and iconic of any car brand in the world.


Sometimes less is more. This is the case with the logo you’ll see on any Mercedes-Benz car. It’s only a circle with a triangle inside, but you can’t miss any of them when a car drives by you. This logo is also associated with a luxury car brand that has become known around the world. For whatever reason, the logo always looks incredibly shiny and clean when you see it. The Mercedes-Benz brand has grown ever since the start of the company in 1926. With a loyal fan base and proud clientele, they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, either.


The Ford (NYSE: F) brand is commonly associated with hard work and grit. Seeing a car with the blue oval and “Ford” typed out in the middle automatically makes your brain think of someone who gets their hands dirty. The logo symbolizes a lot more than just a car for many people in the United States. Ford is also proud of their intimate connection with the city of Detroit, where they were first founded. The loyalty those who drive Ford, especially the trucks, have for the company all but ensures they’ll stick around for decades to come in the future.

Rolls Royce

There’s something elegant about the two R’s on top of each other when you see a Rolls Royce pass you by. It looks proper and sophisticated, like how all Rolls Royce cars look. You also never see a Rolls Royce that isn’t spotless. This is by design, thanks to how seriously the owners are about keeping the standard high. It’s quite rare to see a Rolls Royce driving around town unless you’re in a place like Beverly Hills. If you ever do see one, you know the person inside is quite successful and has worked incredibly hard to get to the point they’re at now. Even though they’re a newer car brand, they’ve already established themselves as one of the world’s elite.


Before you even see the logo on the front of the car, you know what a Lamborghini looks like. However, the gold and black logo just adds to the mystique of the car in ways that complement it perfectly. The bull makes it appear that no other brand can take it on, thanks to the power it has under the hood. It’s also great to see the company spelled out in chrome on the side of the car, adding even more value to the brand. The car company was first started because the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, wanted to have a grand car that he couldn’t find currently on the market. His vision was clear and worked out well.


Italian sports car companies know how to draw people in with colorful patterns and beautiful designs on the logos of their cars. Ferrari is no different. The black horse in front of the yellow backdrop makes it easy to spot any Ferrari car. This horse is a sign of wealth and status, thanks to the fact most well-off people own horses of some kind. The green, red, and white colors of the Italian flag are a subtle addition to the top of the logo and make it easy to spot. Ferrari also has branded tons of different clothing items and hats to further push their brand onto society. Based on how known it is, they’ve done a great job.


Another company that took inspiration from an elegant horse is Porsche. In the center of the logo, you can see what appears to be a galloping horse enjoying itself and being powerful, just like how Porsche cars are. The outside of the logo looks like a shield, making you feel safe and secure inside the car while you drive it. The yellow, red, and black color patterns make it appear as a dominant, yet easygoing car. Most Porsche cars also have “Porsche” written above the logo to further signal what the car is. It’s easy to see why Porsche is such a popular brand and will continue to be.


The newest company on our list hasn’t been around for very long. However, you already know exactly what brand they are when you see their logo. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) did a great job of creating a modern and futuristic logo to stand out from the rest of the car logos we see. The T with a half circle on top of it has become the sort of status symbol people have been drawn closer to. The future is here, and based on how it’s looking right now, Tesla will become the leader in cars for quite a long time.


Even though it’s not a common car to see, their logo is instantly recognizable when you pass by a car of theirs. Abarth is another Italian car company that prides itself on quality and power. The scorpion that centers their logo makes it known their cars aren’t to be messed with. The green, white, and red of the Italian flag grace the top of the logo so you know where the car is from. These cars might not be the most popular, but their classic design and logo make it hard to forget when you see one.


Much like Mercedes-Benz, sometimes less is more. The BMW logo is only blue and white with the letters “BMW” on top of the circle. The black border outside the blue and white makes those letters pop even more. It also helps BMW cars are known for being some of the nicest cars on the road today. This is one of the more common logos you’ll see, thanks to how affordable the cars are. You should always check whenever you see this kind of car drive by, you never know who might be in the back seat of it driving.


Having a logo that resembles a trident means you better have a legendary car to back it up. Thankfully, Maserati understood the assignment and has put out some of the most amazing and head-turning cars on the road today. This is one of the true symbols of success in this world, thanks to the clientele that drive this kind of car. There’s also an elegant, cursive, way they write out “Maserati” next to the logo. It’s important to appreciate logos like this because they help us reach higher and strive to become the best version of ourselves.

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