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The United States Natural Gas Fund is a unique investment vehicle that focuses on the natural gas market within the United States. Managed by United States Commodity Funds LLC, this exchange-traded fund (ETF) primarily invests in futures contracts for natural gas. Its goal is to mirror the daily percentage changes in the price of natural gas, specifically at the Henry Hub in Louisiana, which is a crucial benchmark for natural gas prices. Established in 2006, it offers investors a way to gain exposure to natural gas prices without direct investment in physical commodities.

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The U.S. natural gas stockpile rose by 25 billion cubic feet last week, a bit less than analysts expected. Cooler weather in the Midwest is likely to push prices higher this week.
The U.S. natural gas stockpile rose last week as warmer weather settled in over most of the country. Some producers in the Permian Basin were forced to pay customers to take their gas as pipeline...
The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported this morning that last week's withdrawal from U.S. natural gas storage was 36 billion cubic feet. That's less than analysts expected.
The U.S. natural gas storage withdrawal last week was in line with expectations, keeping the price of the commodity for April delivery within a penny of Wednesday's closing price.
Last week's natural gas storage withdrawal topped 200 billion cubic feet, right around an analysts' estimate. U.S. natural gas stockpiles are now nearly a third lower than their five-year average.
The U.S. natural gas inventory dropped by 149 billion cubic feet last week, closed to the analysts' consensus expectations. Colder weather ahead may sharpen demand in the coming week.
The U.S. natural gas inventory dropped as expected last week. The effect on prices was modest, dropping somewhat before recovering most of that dip.
The U.S. natural gas inventory withdrawal was slightly larger than expected, but prices moved only slightly.
U.S. demand for natural gas last week was lower than analysts had expected and that, along with a mild forecast heading into next week, is keeping a lid on the price of March futures.
Withdrawals from the U.S. natural gas supply totaled 237 billion cubic feet last week. While the largest withdrawal so far this heating season, it still fell below the estimated withdrawal.
The U.S. natural gas inventory has risen above last year's total for the same date. Milder weather this winter has helped, but another cold blast is expected for the northeast and mid-Atlantic states...
U.S. natural gas inventories fell by 91 billion cubic feet last week, a far cry from last year's drawdown of more than 300 million cubic feet. Inventory levels are now significantly closer to last...
U.S. natural gas inventories dropped by much less than expected last week and prices that have moved lower over the past two weeks lost a bit of their early-morning gains.
Natural gas prices have dropped below $4 per million BTUs over the past week but built a small gain Thursday following the weekly storage report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
U.S. natural gas in storage dropped by 77 billion cubic feet last week, close to the low end of the expected range. Prices have been dropping, and are down about 20 cents week over week for 1 million...