Verizon Communications, Inc.

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Closing price December 3, 2021
Tesla, Inc. (NYSE: TSLA) shares have had an extraordinary run. It is the 20th most valuable company in America based on market capitalization. With its stock at an all-time high, the figure is $224...
Verizon has teamed up with Visa and Synchrony Financial to offer a rewards credit card to customers. The company is hoping to cut down on its customer churn rate.
The race to build 5G wireless networks has heated up over the past year or so. AT&T is betting that its stock price will get a large enough boost from 5G to keep paying its generous dividend.
With many Americans observing stay-at-home orders, satisfaction with TV and internet services have improved for the first time in four years.
With a solid capital structure, a good dividend, and a premium streaming service rolling out, AT&T is making a strong case for itself.
AT&T adapts its advertising to troubled times, spending more on live news and targeting stay-at-home consumers online.
AT&T has taken advantage of low rates to improve its capital structure and remains committed to a hefty dividend, but the stock has underperformed.
These four top stocks have all had nice moves off the lows but haven’t had “melt-up” gains. All pay dependable dividends and look poised for solid second half gains.
5G is critical to AT&T’s future but Verizon and Sprint/T-Mobile will also be competing hard for market share. A slapdown from the National Advertising Review Board won’t help.
AT&T stock has underperfomed against rivals Verizon and T-Mobile but the rollout of 5G networks could change the competitive landscape.
When the economy began to face an instant recession from the coronavirus, even before the name COVID-19 became labeled a pandemic, the phenomena of buying defensive stocks was thrown out the window....
These five top stocks have stable and dependable dividends and are all still trading down for the year. They are outstanding additions to total return portfolios that are more conservative in nature.
The long list of competitors means that AT&T does not have an easy road to a dominant place in the new streaming industry.
AT&T Inc. has felt the upheaval caused by the novel coronavrius pandemic and has delayed the opening of its new Discovery District in Dallas. But the telecom giant says its technology initiatives...
It hasn’t been the best year for AT&T. Of particular concern are big losses to the company’s subscription TV services. But an underreported plus for the telecommunications giant is the quiet but...