Consumer Electronics

Sony: Can TV Save The PS3?

Sony (SNE) is launching a service in Europe that will allow users of its beleaguered PS3 to download TV shows and move them to the portable SNE PSP portable device. TV-to-go.

As The Wall Street Journal points out “both the PS3 and the PSP contain some of the most sophisticated technologies available, but the company has struggled to sell them until now because of a lack of attractive games.”  To say that SNE is struggling with its game platform is too kind. It is being beaten in the market like a red-headed mule by both the Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox and Nintendo Wii.

But, the plan to allow users to download TV and carry it along is clever. While it is impossible to predict how many people will use it, a new IBM (IBM) study picked up by Silicon Alley Insider shows that 42% of those surveyed have either watched mobile video or would like to.

Perhaps SNE is finally onto something.

Douglas A. McIntyre.