“Halo 3” Takes XBox 360 To The Moon

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New video game "Halo 3" was supposed to give sales of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360 game console a leg up. But, things got out of hand.

According to MarketWatch, figures "from NPD Group  video game software sales in the U.S. jumped 64% for September compared to the same period last year."

"Most Wall Street analysts covering the sector had predicted sales growth of between 30-40%, according to brokerage reports. Sales of game consoles soared 188% for the month – thanks mostly to a resurgence of sales of the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp."
The 360 console moved a total of 527,800 units during the month, nearly double the number of units sold in August, according to NPD data.
And, "Halo 3" was the match that lit the fire.
Sales of the Nintendo Wii continue to amaze. They hit 501,000 last month, up 24% from August. And, there is supposed to be a shortage of the things. Imagine sales if they were readily available.
Sony (SNE), which has just cut the retail price of its PS3 in the US, continued to post appallingly poor sales. In September, the console sold 119,400 units.
The story here is really more the death of Sony in the gaming business than it is the success of "Halo 3".
Sony is no longer a video game driven company. It will have to look to its TV, consumer electronics, and studio operations for any growth over the next several years. Its decade as the leader in gaming is over.
Douglas A. McIntyre