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Trump Brand Value Likely to Soar

What a difference a day makes. In late September, brand consultancy Brand Keys released a survey on how the power of his brand had been diminished by Donald Trump’s successful campaign for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s election has changed that overnight.

An overnight national survey by Brand Keys revealed that in each of the seven categories the firm tracked, the Trump brand “rebounded to levels close to or exceeding added-value measures seen just prior to his announced presidential candidacy in April of 2015.”

Robert Passikoff, founder and CEO of Brand Keys, said:

Mr. Trump has been one of the most powerful brands we’ve ever tracked. You could add his name to anything from ties to buildings and the increased perceived value of the products fell into the 20% to 37% range. Which was very high, enviable by any category or brand standards, and what a brand is supposed to do. Now, I suppose, he literally qualifies as ‘the most powerful brand in the world’.

Following Trump’s announcement of his candidacy for the presidency, his brand ratings dropped on shirts, ties, suits and watches, but remained the same or improved on TV/entertainment, country/golf clubs and real estate. The release of the Access Hollywood tape in early October, Trump’s brand took something of a beating, but in every category tracked by Brand Keys, the Trump brand returned to earlier levels.

Passikoff noted:

[A] brand that was once deemed toxic by many consumers is now seen as not only a safe option, but an emotionally desirable option. Especially given the new set of values that the brand has created around itself: victory, self-confidence and determination, a sense of the visionary, and ultimately greatness. We’ll have to factor those into our next Presidential Model.