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Would You Go to a Pub Where Only Low-Alcohol Drinks Are Served?

Colman Andrews

Britain’s pubs are places to meet with friends, socialize with strangers, have some pub grub, and — let’s face it — maybe get a little tipsy.

At a new pub opening in a couple of weeks in London, however, the last of those won’t be possible. The Clean Vic, which debuts on New Oxford Street on July 24th, will serve only beer, wine, and cocktails with an ABV of 0.5% or less. This may be good news for older people, especially. Recent research suggests that alcohol might help seniors live longer — but, under some circumstances, of course

The Clean Vic is being launched by the Sainsbury’s grocery chain, inspired by the fact that they have recorded a 31.8% increase in sales of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages over the past three months as well as a 33% increase of customers looking for such products online.

The pub will charge an entry fee of £5 ($6.25), which includes two drinks and the chance to take part in low-ABV cocktail (or mocktail) classes. Among the featured beverages will be Sainsbury’s own line of low-ABV wines, non-alcoholic beers from producers like Italy’s Peroni and Germany’s Erdinger, and alcohol-free “liquors” from companies like Seedlip — which bills itself as producing “the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits.”

Now, Sainsbury’s buyer Anne Cooper told the British publication The Drinks Business, “[T]hose who want to hold off on alcoholic beverages don’t need to miss out of the experience of enjoying a beer with friends….”

Anyone wishing to savor the Clean Vic’s booze-free pub experience had better mark their calendars, though: The pub is only a pop-up, and will operate only on July 24 and 25. Afte that, when you make your way back to the U.S., you can try America’s 40 most delicious beers and compare.