Many Would Keep Jobs After Winning Lottery

Not everyone would quit a job, leave on extended vacation, and never come back. According to a new poll from Gallup, people who like their jobs would keep working–perhaps after a brief break.

The research firm reports:

The $648 million Mega Millions jackpot this week had many Americans dreaming about how their lives would change if they had won. For U.S. workers whom Gallup classifies as “engaged” in their jobs, these dreams do not include quitting them. Nearly two-thirds say they would continue to work in their current job if they won a $10 million lottery prize.

The data indicate that, perhaps counter-intuitively, people who live their jobs, love them whether rich of poor.

This commitment is unique among engaged workers, whom Gallup defines as involved in and enthusiastic about their work and their workplace. Less than half of those who do not have the same level of engagement with their workplace would keep their same job. Forty-two percent of U.S. workers categorized as “not engaged” with their workplaces and 20% of “actively disengaged” workers say they would continue to work in their current job upon winning $10 million in the lottery.

So, perhaps years of training, camaraderie, and being treated well mean as much, or more, than money

Extensive Gallup research shows that when employees are engaged they are less likely to leave their employer. This poll reinforces the high value people place on a good career. Even when provided with a hypothetical scenario that would provide financial security for life, those who are engaged at work are much more likely than less engaged workers to say they would continue in the same job.