The City With Most Homelessness in America Is Not Where You Think

Rate of Homelessness per 10,000 in Continuums of Care With Top Five Highest Rates, 2018

Overall CoC Rate Sheltered CoC Rate Unsheltered CoC Rate
Washington DC 103.3 Boston 99.1 San Francisco 58.9
Boston 101.8 New York 96.7 Los Angeles 40.4
New York 101.5 Washington DC 94.3 Santa Rosa 38.5
San Francisco 94.3 San Francisco 34.4 Seattle 30.9
Santa Rosa 59.8 Baltimore 32.2 San Jose 30.3

Note: Counts are conducted by Continuums of Care (CoCs), which are composed of a single city, a single county, a group of counties or an entire state.