The 10 Hottest Places in the World Today

Temperatures reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit several days in a row in parts of many countries around the world. Even in the United States, portions of the nation will have weeks of temperatures above 100. This happens fairly often in certain cities, led by Phoenix. However, in some cities temperatures can be over 100 for months in a row, particularly when measured based on daily highs.

Depending on the time of year, these ultra-hot places are in the Middle East and northern Africa. Currently, most cities with the highest temperatures are clustered in Kuwait, Iran and Algeria. During the early sprint and well into summer, most of these cities have temperatures well in excess of 110 degrees on many days.

To create this list, we are indebted to El Dorado Weather, which keeps track of the places in the world each day that have the hottest and coldest temperatures. It takes data from the World Weather Information Service, which, in turn, is part of the World Meteorology Organization.

The numbers are reported in Celsius but here have been converted to Fahrenheit. Locations are from Google Maps.

1. Omidieh, Iran
> Temperature: 117°F

Located near the Western border of Iran, the city has a population of about 60,000. The average high temperature is over 100 from May through September. Over the course of the same period, the city gets almost no rain.

2. Ahwaz, Iran
> Temperature: 114°F

With a population of 1.3 million, Ahwaz is in one of the hottest and most arid places in the region. It is located not far from Omidieh. Its population has more than doubled since the mid-1980s.

3. Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
> Temperature: 114°F

With a population of about a million, Al Ahsa is in central Saudi Arabia, between Riyadh and Bahrain.

4. In-Salah, Algeria
> Temperature: 113°F

In-Salah is in central Algeria. Its population is about 35,000 people. From May through September, the average high temperature is over 100 degrees a day. The average rainfall is only an inch per year.

5. Safi-Abad Dezful, Iran
> Temperature: 113°F

The city is located north of Basrah. It has a population of 10,000 and is in the same area as Ahwaz.

6. Adrar, Algeria
> Temperature: 112°F

The city is located near the center of the country and has 65,000 residents. It gets almost no rainfall and relies on an irrigation system for water.

7. Sulaibiya, Kuwait
> Temperature: 112°F

At one point, the city held the record for the highest temperature ever in Asia. It is located due south of Basrah.

8. Basrah International Airport, Iraq
> Temperature: 112°F

The airport for one of the nation’s largest cities.

9. In Guezzam, Algeria
> Temperature: 112°F

Located in the southern part of the country on Niger’s border, it has a population of about 7,000.

10. Bilma, Niger
> Temperature: 112°F

The city has a population of about 4,000. It is located not far from Niger’s western border.